The agreement reflects the general wage increases in the 2018 national transport contract, with an additional wage premium of 75 cents and a lump sum payment of $US 1,500. Workers` health care contributions remain frozen and improvements to work rules include a guaranteed 40-hour week, overtime after 8 hours, the removal of penalties for negotiated leave and the end of 16-hour forced shifts. On November 20, the presidents of the SMART Transportation Division (SMART-TD) worked on railways represented by the National Carrier Conference Committee (NCCC), the changes proposed by smart-TD to agreements on wages, normal conditions and working conditions. The airlines are trying to replace one of the crew members in the train cabin with technology and set up a one-person operation. The crew coherence agreements, negotiated for many years by SMART-TD and its predecessors, stand in the way, but are undermined by these and other measures. The articles also try to scare you by saying that airlines will unilaterally reduce crews at the end of the last moratorium. That is not how the law works. The moratoriums did not succeed for the sunset crew. On the contrary, Moratoria prohibits one of the parties from sending a notice in accordance with Section 6 in order to amend or modify the current Crew Agreements Consist until the last protected personnel member is eliminated. Once this is done, a section 6 communication can be notified and the next generation of agreements can be negotiated through the long and long process of the RLA. Such notices are required by Section 6 of the Railway Works Act to reopen the agreements.

With this communication to the NCCC and the ncCC`s previous communication, the parties will begin the next round of negotiations. Prior to ratification, National Vice President Matt Hollis, assisted by local Presidents Reggie Carter and Jon Bailey, attended Denlodge meetings, attended 16 objects, held numerous conference calls and asked dozens of emails to ensure that TCU members could ask questions and understand the terms of the agreement before voting. On 16 April, TCU members ratified a CSX intermodal agreement, in which 56% of voting members participated and voted by a large majority in favour of the agreement.