No responsibility for guarantees. With the exception of a written warranty that can be granted with a T-Mobile device that you purchase from us and to the extent permitted by law, services and devices are provided on the basis of ”as expected” and ”with all errors” and without any guarantee. We do not provide explicit or implied assurances or guarantees, including a tacit guarantee of cash or adequacy for a specific use, including for security or authentication purposes, regarding your service or device. While T-Mobile strives to protect customer accounts, T-Mobile does not guarantee security. You take responsibility if you use your service as a means of security or authentication for other accounts. For more information, please see our privacy statement at We cannot and do not promise continuous or faultless service and do not allow anyone to give guarantees on our behalf. This does not deprive you of the warranty rights you have against others. We do not guarantee that your communications are private or secure; It is illegal for unauthorized persons to intercept your communications, but such eavesdropping may occur. Renouncement of group action. YOU AND WE AGREE THAT EACH PROCEEDINGS, WHETHER IN ARBITRATION OR COURT, IS ONLY ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS AND NOT AS CLASS, REPRESENTATIVE, MASS, OR CONSOLIDATED ACTION. If we believe that any application you have filed in arbitration or in court is inconsistent with this restriction, you agree that we may seek an injunction from a court that decides whether your application falls within the scope of this class action. If a court or arbitrator finds, in an action between you and us, that part of this waiver of class action is not applicable with respect to claims, the arbitration agreement and the waiver of the class action do not apply to that claim, but they continue to apply to any other claim that you or we may make in that action or any other action.

If you opt out of the arbitration provision above, this class action waiver provision does not apply to you. Neither you nor any other client can be a class member, a class member or participate in another class, consolidate or act in a representative manner without meeting the opt-out criteria mentioned above. The agreement is the full agreement between you and us regarding the rights you have over your service, except as required by law, and you cannot rely on other documents or statements from sales or service representatives or other agents. These CGs are an agreement between you and us, T-Mobile USA, Inc., and our subsidiaries, agents and agents controlled. As a non-carrier, we have annual service contracts. You`re free to go, whereas we`d be sad if you go. You are responsible for all costs incurred until the end of your useful life. If you carry your number to another network operator, your service will be disabled. In addition, termination of the service may involve other agreements you have with us, including equipment rate plans or leases, in which some of your payments may be accelerated in the event of cancellation. This agreement is governed by federal arbitration law, applicable federal law, and the laws of the state or jurisdiction in which your billing address is located in our records, regardless of the conflicting rules of laws of that state or jurisdiction. Foreign laws do not apply. Arbitration or court proceedings must be in the county and state or jurisdiction where your billing address is in our files, but not outside the United States; or Puerto Rico.